How do I install the bell pushbutton

In brief, here is the manual for mounting the bell pushes of the series

  • B101, B101B
  • B102, B102B
  • B103, B103B
  • B104, B104B
  • B108


  • A small screwdriver (standard)
  • A medium sized Phillips screwdriver
  • an awl
  • A spirit level tool

You can use the bell push with the double-sided tape or by means of a. tighten the supplied screws. For mounting on wood or on a wall, it is recommended to use the screws

Mounting by means of screws

There is a small slot on the right side of the bell push

Use a small screwdriver and turn it gently to loosen the back plate.

In the back plate you see two circles. You can pierce these with an awl or a small screwdriver. This creates 2 holes

Insert the screws into the holes and tighten the screws into the wood or other material with a Phillips screwdriver. Use a spirit level to position the printer straight.
Then gently press the front of the printer onto the back plate. Make sure the printer is completely closed. Now you can use the confirmed printer.

You can of course also attach the bell push with the supplied double-sided tape.

  • Make both the bell push and the place where it is to be mounted grease-free.
  • Place the tape on the printer.
  • Peel the paper from the tape and position the printer in the desired location using a spirit level.